A goal of ours is to help you find resources that can help you pay for college. You can st艺术 by applying for aid through the FAFSA. The FAFSA will help you see the different grants, 贷款, and work study opportunities that are available to you.

In addition, don’t forget to apply for CSC scholarships. We offer a wide range of scholarships for academics based on GPA or ACT/SAT scores.

You can also be awarded scholarships based on talent in athletics, 艺术, 音乐, 剧院, 欢呼, 和竞技, as well as from our different programs of study across campus.


查德隆州立大学 guarantees that all Pell-qualified Nebraska students can attend tuition-free. Qualified first-time freshman and transfer students pursuing an undergraduate degree will receive a combination of federal grants, 国家或私人补助金, 大学生缓解, or Chadron State 基金会 scholarships to fill any tuition gap left after the Pell Grant.




Calculate Your Cost per Semester

学费 & 费用: $0.00 /学时

住房: $0.00

膳食计划: $0.00

Approximate Number of Credit Hours

(Average Hours: Undergrad 15, Grad 9)




Enter other school related expenses here that you personally are aware of. (Examples: 书, Parking Permits, etc.)





2023-2024 Sample Semester Costs - Paid to CSC

学费 (15 Credit Hours) $2,860.00
费用(15学时) $1,179.00
住房 (Double Occupancy) $2,332.00
膳食计划  $2,628.00
支付给CSC的总额 $8,999.00


2023-2024 Sample Semester – Other incurred costs – Not Paid to CSC

Personal Expenses (toiletries, etc.) $864.00
运输 $1,056.00
书 & 供应 $650.00
Loan 费用 (Amount Varies)  
  Undergraduate Estimated Loan 费用 Dependent $40.00
  Undergraduate Estimated Loan 费用 Independent $66.00
  Graduate Estimated Loan 费用 $109.00


Out-of-state undergraduate students pay the same rate as in-state students. No additional tuition cost for out-of-state students.



Chadron State offers students the opportunity to receive a valuable and affordable education. When compared to other Nebraska colleges and universities, CSC student’s average cost is lower before financial aid than its in-state competitors.

Compared to Nebraska Schools, 2022-23 Academic Year

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance 居民 非居民
查德隆州立大学 $16,439.50 $16,439.50
圣学院. 玛丽
$30,690.00 $30,690.00
康科迪亚大学 $47,650.00 $47,650.00
克莱顿大学 $57,468.00 $57,468.00
多恩大学 $50,190.00 $50,190.00
黑斯廷斯学院 $57,468.00 $57,468.00
米德兰大学 $48,366.00 $48,366.00
内布拉斯加卫理公会教徒 $51,362.00 $51,362.00
秘鲁州立大学 $16,662.00 $16,662.00
University of Nebraska-Kearney $19,133.50 $26,513.50
University of Nebraska-Omaha $21,112.70